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Drawing up a life project allows you to achieve your dreams. A life project is the plan that a person draws to achieve objectives. a path to achieve goals. which gives coherence to existence and marks a style in acting. in relating and in the way of seeing events. From a young age each person forms their own life project. And since they do not grow up alone. children or adolescents require adults who are attentive and interest in them to accompany them and serve as a guide. Characteristics of a life project Life projects are link to vocation. models. attitudes. meaning of life. objectives (short. mium and long term). lucid planning. a good dose of motivation and other social aspects.

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Let us remember that the socialization process has its origin in the environment in which a subject is born and rais. where it forms and models guidelines and patterns with which it acts in society. The unfortunate thing is that family ties are increasingly looser. the school as an institution is seriously question and the entertainment and information mia are highly criticiz for their commitment business lead to superfluous. generally stupidizing content. Importance of a life project Many people today live in times of uncertainty. hopelessness and emptiness. in a society more concern with having and accumulating than with being and existing. Some thinkers have even renam this society a “light society” or our era as “the era of emptiness

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A life project is also the result of an ongoing constructive process carri out by the young person who uses his previous experiences. his possibilities and the concrete alternatives offer by the environment and the way in which he BT Leads shapes his life and is construct by it. svg E We see how every project (whether small or large) allows us to feel competent and we consider it a protective factor against many problems. such as apathy. depression. low self-esteem. laziness or addictions. The philosopher Fernando Savater reminds us that “you can live in many ways. but there are ways that do not allow you to live.

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