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February 27, 2023

Ekaterina Artamonova expert In my opinion, there is no ne to close and on the existing site. There are other tools you can use to promote, on or off Facebook. In addition to disabling target ads, you can also work with bloggers, huge pages, scrollers, and more. You can’t upload videos on YouTube right now, but if you unlock the upload feature, you should continue to be active on the platform, as long as you take into account the laws around advertising, fakes, and other accept norms. On behalf of companies and brands.

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I would advise against talking about politics, political situations and other similar Indian Phone Number List situations in any way in any social network. You must always remember that you are running a social network on behalf of a brand and brands should stay away from your personal opinions. An online reputation can be ruin quickly exploring platforms that allow promotions. The blockade of popular platforms doesn’t change the main principle you define your target audience, find a site where that audience is concentrat and start spreading the word.

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There are many legal promotion platforms, the main thing is to see more BT Leads widely, not only , classmates and telegrams, but also social networks such as , , etc. that are available in the Russian Feration. Next, we discuss the platforms allow in Russia in more detail and explain their advantages for promotion. What platforms can experts work on? In addition to and , there are many tools available in an expert’s arsenal. New social networks are appearing more and more, and well-known platforms are constantly being improv. We’ll tell you which platforms can help you find the right target audience and promote your brand. Access to popular Russian social networks is similar to bann. It allows you to chat, listen to music, watch videos, post live stories and create communities.

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