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February 27, 2023

The whole transposition process takes no more than one minute. Step Select text and copy Transpose Step Step. Using the right mouse button, paste the text, but not in the usual way, use transpose, as shown in the screenshot below Transpose step This technique works in two ways You can convert columns to rows and vice versa. Data Recovery Imagine this situation where you spend all day preparing a report and you put all your energy into it. Finally, the report is ready and you are about to close the document. At this point, you get distracted and you accidentally hit the Don’t Save button in the middle of the window instead of the Save button.

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A few seconds of panic and despair, but don’t rush into despair. is an intelligent Hong Kong Phone Numbers List program that saves data without our knowledge so that in case of such unforeseen circumstances, you can restore them. With any other document open, click the File button in the upper left corner, then click Details and Manage Workbook. A special folder will open where all unsaved files you’ve ever worked on are stored. You just need to find your files and that’s it! Data Recovery Comparison Sometimes you need to quickly compare two lists and find a match. If there is little data, it can be compared manually.

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But when it comes to large amounts of information, a special feature helps BT Leads compare. We tell you how to do it. Step 1. Select the two lists you plan to compare. Step 2: Open Conditional Formatting, click Cell Highlight Rules, and then click Duplicate Values. A list will open where you need to select Unique. There is another way to compare steps. You can select the data you want to analyze in the table, and click the quick action button below On the screen, the cursor hovers over the end of the selected cell Compare Other You can create histograms, sums, and any other analysis operations. All of this will be displayed in a table next to the data.

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