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Wendy’s “Roast Day” campaign may be one of the most “outside the box” content marketing campaign examples we’ve ever seen. Since it was first launched in 2018, this unconventional and potentially risky campaign has turned into a sort of national holiday. Once a year, the fast-food chain takes to Twitter, challenging brands, fans, and others to let their guard down and give Wendy’s a chance to “roast” them with insults. They have no “beef” with their audience, it’s all in good fun – and it works. All day long, people line up for a chance to get “burned,” creating a hilarious stream of tweets that are retweeted and shared long after the day has ended.

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From using square burgers to calling their milkshake a “Frosty,” Wendy’s has Lebanon Phone Number List always been committed to being different. This campaign is the perfect example of how content marketing can be used in a new and innovative way. Wendy’s marketing team knows people come to social media platforms to be entertained, so they do their best to deliver. By using a play on words and a nontraditional approach, they have successfully created a buzz for this well-known brand. The content team at AARP doesn’t waste their time guessing what their audience wants. Instead, they encourage their readers to reach out via email, social media, and even written letters. Then, they use the responses they get to choose topics that are most likely to resonate with their readers.

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Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Sometimes, a little bit of edginess is BT Leads  exactly what you need. Just be careful not to take things too far. After all, not everyone can take the heat.Over the past 64 years, the company has gone through quite an evolution. Today’s over-50 crowd is very savvy and may be one of the most powerful and influential groups of consumers. Catering to this crowd requires a different approach to content marketing. The magazine appeals to its demographic by following a storytelling model. The editorial staff also curates its content by listening to its members and selecting topics that meet their needs.

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