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March 4, 2023

Conversation is a method of gathering primary data about a person through verbal and non-verbal communication. It is perform before the main study to introduce the psychologist to the client. Interpersonal diagnosis studies the relationships between people, such as families, teams, etc. The ideographic approach in psychodiagnostics is the in-depth study of a single case in which the client is seen as a unique phenomenon with its own ne s, motivations, and attitudes. Known for complete and specific descriptions of research findings. Computer-bas psychodiagnostic research, which is carri out with the help of special computer programs. For example, with the help of computer technology, occupational orientation can be assess.

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The law method in psychodiagnostics is a research method in which general laws of Lithuania Phone Number List human development and interaction are establish . A person is consider part of a larger mechanism, and thus, while a person’s individuality is not deni , it is consider the result of a unique combination of traits inherent in all humans. Projective methods are a large class of psychodiagnostic techniques that study personality as a whole and, therefore, study its general qualities rather than individual characteristics. Simply put, with the help of projection techniques, the level of intelligence cannot be analyz , but a person’s attitude towards learning activities and the ability to set goals, plans, etc. can be determin.

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Representativeness The legitimacy of using a test method on a large BT Leads number of people in the same group. For example, testing high school students should not test younger students because the diagnosis would be incorrect. A representative sample is a small group of people whose characteristics are the most appropriate for the study. Statistical standard human development level, corresponding to the average level. Statistical norms are determin by general characteristics for example, the average student in first grade knows the alphabet, and the average child starts walking in one year. Knowl ge of this norm is necessary to objectively assess levels of human development.

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