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February 26, 2023

You can use the keyword gap tool to find your competitors’ keywords and capitalize on their potential. For those who want to be the first to jump on the trend, the gap that existed or may exist three months ago is irrelevant. Trends and fads only matter if you catch their rise early. Screenshot of Similarweb Keyword Gap for news site Similarweb Keyword Gap provides data for the last days and guarantees the highest data freshness. How to Find Popular Keywords for Your Industry Another thing to keep in mind is that most keyword research tools don’t allow you to drill down into your specific industry. Therefore, it can be difficult to analyze industryspecific keyword trends that you detect using one of the above tools.

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Most tools show data for all industries, if the trend is not affecting all industries, you may Luxembourg Phone Number List miss the Similarweb Keyword Tool screenshot, select the period and you can choose the time frame you want to view. The tool will display data for the specific week, month or period you select. There are a few things that can only be done with Similarweb. For example, the “Industry Keywords” feature allows you to analyze industry trends. You’ll find predefined industries and subindustries, or you can create your own custom industries and see trends in your competitive advantage. How to Use Keyword Seasonality to Find Recurring Keyword Trends This means data granularity is critical when dealing with trends.

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Come to think of it, trends are everywhere. Trending keywords are not limited to BT Leads  keywords revolving around fashion and outoffashion. Finding trending keywords also means identifying evergreen keywords that are currently on the rise. The idea is to discover keywords with high potential to improve your ranking and drive more traffic. Some keywords are seasonal and more popular during certain times. For example, keywords around sporting events. Similar web Screenshots for keyword seasonality You don’t need to know when popular sporting events take place. With Similarweb Keyword Seasonality, you can quickly identify when search volume is high.

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