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February 26, 2023

So, where is programmatic advertising headed, and why should we question its future? It becomes apparent when you understand how the discipline works and what it involves. Programmatic Advertising Definition: To understand the process, it is best to first define the relevant terms. The world of media buying and digital advertising is full of acronyms and acronyms, and we break down the key terms here: Advertiser A party that wants to advertise its product or service, in other words, a business brand, SaaS and other digital service providers, SMBs, eCommerce sellers, you name it. Sometimes, advertisers hire ad agencies to do programmatic advertising for them, or to take over their digital advertising entirely.

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Publisher This party owns the space where advertisers can place their ads. They offer ad Macedonia Phone Number List space for sale. In media buying terms, this is also known as inventory. Ad exchanges Ad exchanges are where the magic happens, or more precisely, the deals happen. This is a platform for auctioning advertising space. You can compare it to the stock market, where one party offers an asset for sale and the other bids to buy it. On ad exchanges, publishers’ inventory is auctioned off and advertisers bid. Sometimes you will see the term ad network in place of ad exchange, however, they are not the same thing. Ad networks act as resellers of inventory, so publishers relinquish control of their inventory on those platforms.

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Ad Exchange was born out of a desire for better control and limits on fraud. . DSP Demand Side BT Leads  Platform On this platform, advertisers or ad agencies upload their assets and book campaigns. It includes setting criteria for audience demographics and ad space requirements. SSP – Supply Side Platform Publishers list their inventory on this platform. DSP stores relevant information for the advertising exchange platform to pull data and provide space when the demand comes. RTB realtime bidding RTB describes the process of cooperation between the advertising exchange platform and DSP and SSP. How does programmatic advertising work? These are the players in the process of programmatic advertising.

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