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April 8, 2023

At one university, a group of 20 students were given unlabelle jars of moisturizing cream, which differe only in the smell. The subjects were to test the cream and comment on its effectiveness after a few weeks. The highest scores were given to samples with delicate, subtle fragrances, and creams with a rich, oriental and “stately” scent were rate as the least effective – only because of the smell. Aromamarketing can also be part of guerrilla marketing campaigns.

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Imagine that in a certain place it suddenly smells of a particular perfume or freshly ground coffee. A witty poster or sign pointing to a café or perfumery is enough to encourage passers-by to change their usual daily routine. Aromamarketing, or what whatsapp mobile number list does sales smell like? How to smuggle a fragrance by selling online? Finally, there is still a fundamental question: is it possible to use aromamarketing if your company operates on-line? The possibilities here are limite. You can implement such tactics if you sell and ship goods.

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Items from the premium segment can be packe in such a way.  That just opening the package will become a luxurious experience – also thanks to the smell. But it can also apply to simple trifles. A sprig of lavender adde to the package does not cost much, and completely changes the trivial experience of opening the package. Of course, you BT Leads can also reach for perfume paper or scente sticks. If you are looking for other ideas for aromamarketing in practice, please contact us ! Agile marketing – a strong trend for the coming years May 1, 2021 Marketing strategy Agile marketing – a strong trend for the coming years What is agile marketing? It turns out that this model makes it much easier to react in the difficult, dynamic business environment of the 21st century. The pandemic has shown that everything can change overnight.

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