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The latter serve to achieve specific goals or focus on specific aspects. Next, there are many different personnel strategies describe in the literature by numerous researchers, including: C. Fisher: offensive and defensive. In the offensive one, employees are dynamically recruite from the market, and in the defensive one, employees are recruite from within the organization. I. Brunstein: quantitative and qualitative. The first focuses on quickly filling all positions, and the second on the quality of recruite employees. T Listwana: oriente on “input”, “output” and transformation.

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It refers to recruitment (“entry”), dismissal (“exit”), as well as employee development. M. Kostery: the model of human capital, which assumes that man by nature is capable and willing to develop, and the sieve model. We recommend Sieve phone number list model – risky or worth considering? An example of a successful personnel strategy It would be nice if there was a formula for a successful personnel strategy to be applie in every company. However, this is one of those aspects of the company’s operation that nees to be tailore individually to a specific case.

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Copying the strategy of an apparently similar company of the same size can make a serious mistake. Let’s follow the strategies on the example of two completely different companies of extremely different sizes. The owner of Mrs. Moje Czasu starte BT Leads with a sole proprietorship. Soon, she began working with a proofreader, virtual assistant and IT specialist so.  That she could devote her own time to developing the company, and not to mundane technical or accounting matters. Today, after several years of operation, her team also includes the head of the online department, manager of physical products, customer service department, technical support department, graphic department, copywriter.

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