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March 9, 2023

Product descriptions : in this step, in addition to adding the list of products in a store, you must also generate descriptions of your products that generate curiosity in the consumer and encourage purchase. Prices: this platform allows you to add the prices of each product and also, prices by offer. Images: presenting a catalog of attractive images of your products can make the difference between buying from you or not. The good thing is that TiendaDA allows you to learn how to make a digital catalog on its page at no cost. You only nee the information previously expose and follow these instructions: Enter the account: once the registration of your account is complete, access it to start enjoying its multiple tools.

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Upload products: once you enter the account, locate the Upload a product option and click on Panama Phone Number List Start here . Decide how to upload the images: you must decide through which way you will upload the photos of your products, through the device or browser you are using or through your business’s Instagram account. Complete data: the next step will take you to complete the product information and upload images. Add product: once you complete the relevant and mandatory information for your item, you can procee to add it to your store so that it can be viewe by your customers. TiendaDA is.

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A platform that seeks to make the management of your virtual store easier and BT Leads faster, without headaches or wasting time. For this reason, in each step you take you will have a tutorial accompanying you or clear instructions on what to do at all times. When you are looking for catalog ideas to know how to make a digital catalog , the first thing you should take into account is the information that you must offer about your products, for this it is essential that you keep in mind that with TiendaDA you can add the following sections: Images: to make your articles stand out.

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