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your business, you need to keep your business profile updated, which you can do by taking into account the following aspects: Publish constantly: create a content calendar for social networks that helps you to be constant and allows your users to know the days that they will be able to view new content from your business. Times with the highest audience: your first posts on the social network should be aimed at identifying what time there are the most likes on Instagram and thus, manage to publish at times where the audience peaks are highest.

Maud Gurunlian is a Peruvian

A regular schedule of Instagram posts keeps your followers interested and excited about the news Paraguay Phone Number List you generate, which can easily translate into free Instagram likes . . Generate interesting descriptions Have you ever wondered how to have a successful fanpage on Instagram ? Beyond creating an account on the platform, one way to achieve this and also get likes on Instagram for free is through interesting product descriptions or that invite user interaction. Although Instagram is a more visual platform than others, this does not prevent you from creating descriptions or stories for your products and thus making them stand out and achieve better interaction within their sector in the digital market.

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You can achieve this with: Product stories: you can create a story that involves the BT Leads  use and benefits that the product you are marketing can bring you. Questions: Another way that you can get more interaction and increase likes on Instagram for free is through the formulation of questions about your product or the benefits that your customers have seen in it. Remember, the descriptions of your publications should not always be extensive, the taste is in the variety that you offer your users and with this the likes on Instagram will rain for free for your business.

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