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March 6, 2023

This option is suitable for startups that are just entering the market. Next to each goal, you’ll see an icon with a question mark next to it. If the goal isn’t clear, click on it and you’ll read detaile information about each option in Step 1. Set audience settings. The service offers a large number of settings. It is not necessary to select an audience base on all parameters, sometimes the main ones are enough: gender, age and geographical location. It is also recommende to configure several additional parameters, which are divide into several groups: behavioral and social characteristics, interests, and contextual targeting. Let’s take a closer look at the other options: Behavioral and Social Characteristics Marital Status, Behavior, Income, eucation, Habits, etc.

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For example, people with high incomes, unmarrie people, parents with Philippines Phone Number List children, etc. can be selecte. Point out a few characteristics that more accurately reflect the parameters of the target audience; Interests What the user is intereste in: sports, cars, fashion, art, etc. For each ad, choose a specific interest, because interests don’t work together in : For example, an ad will only be shown to people who love sports or only to those who like cars. There is a risk that some of your audience won’t see your ad; contextual targeting displays your ad for the most recently entere search query.

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You may look up phrases on the Service that are relevant to your topic and BT Leads use. Them as suggestions for placing advertisements through. When selecting an audience, don’t forget to specify the display time and operation time of the advertisement. When selecting the audience, don’t forget to specify the display time and operation time of the advertisement. If these parameters are not important to you, you can keep the default settings 24/7 impressions and unlimite working hours Step number. Choose a payment method.

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