The victims of the cancellation culture

March 6, 2023

If you create a long and short description, users will only see the long text in the ad on the social network; Image requirements vary by placement type and format: at least 1 pixel for icon, 1 pixel for ad. The maximum image size should not be exceeded. If the text in the ad is short, the user will read it right away. To view the long text, he needs to click on the full display button carousel. The format in which the user scrolls through the images in the ad. You can add images to your carousel with links to products, online store sections, website pages, and more. Ads in carousel format can be placed on any project of the company, including social networks.

Regina Todorenko

The user sees the ad in the newsfeed of the mobile and desktop Peru Phone Number List versions of the site. Carousels are suitable for promoting online stores, websites and apps. You can pay per click or per impression. Carousel requirements: Title cannot exceed characters; Ad text cannot exceed characters. For legal information no more than characters; image square slides, size pixels. The file format is or . Slide title should not exceed characters and description should not exceed characters.

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The host of Eagle and Tails

In the carousel, for each image, you can add a buy button In the carousel, for BT Leads each image, you can add a button to buy, order or visit the website video ad. When you start watching a video on or on other sites, you’ll see an ad that appears before the main video for no more than a second. At the same time, people rarely click on links in video ads not so much to drive orders and requests but to increase reach: getting ads to as many users as possible is important. You can choose different video formats: vertical, landscape or square. Video requirements depend on the format. Audio ads.

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