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October 7, 2023

Search Advertisement: Appears in the search results list, usually located above or below the natural search results or in a favorable position, has been sold to advertisers, and guarantees the best display position on the search engine page. In addition to disclosure, they usually have a look similar to the organic results on the page. Recommended small parts: Although these advertisements are part of the content of the website, they often do not appear in the same way as the content of the editor’s summary.

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Recommended advertisements are usually placed through  latest database  small parts, and can usually be identified by suggesting external references, suggestions, and words with unrelated topics. “You may also like ”; “ You may like ”; “ from other parts of the network ”, “ from the network ”, “ You may have missed ” or “ recommending ” usually these units. Promotion list: It usually appears on non-content-based websites ( such as e-commerce website ). The promotion list is presented in the same way as the products or services provided on a given website.

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Similar to searching for advertisements, sponsored products are considered to be the original content of the experience, which is roughly the same as searching for advertisements. Inner advertising Standard ): Inner advertising is suitable for standard IAB containers found outside Feed, which contains “…The  BT Leads  content of the context in the advertisement, the link to the page outside the station, has been sold at a guaranteed display position, and is measured according to brand indicators such as interaction and brand upgrade.

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