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March 9, 2023

The characteristics of this type of labor contract are contemplate in article number 58 of the Labor Productivity and Competitiveness Law (LPCL). It also highlights some of the conditions that must be met, such as the unpreictability of growth in market demand. Employment contract subject to modality for business conversion To celebrate this type of employment contract in Peru , companies have to replace, expand or modify the activities of the company. It also applies when digital or technological transformation processes are implemente, either through the installation of machinery, equipment or any other type of technology.

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Although it is define in article 59 of the LPCL, very few companies know how to make an Luxembourg Phone Number List employment contract for business conversion. person reading an employment contract Source: Pexels Employment contract subject to casual modality This employment contract is use to hire personnel for a period of time not to excee six months per year. According to the law, it applies to companies that must meet a transitory nee that is different from their usual activities. That is to say, these are exceptional cases in which a company hires personnel to cover an unforeseen demand, which has nothing to do with what it offers to the market on a regular basis. Employment contract subject to substitution modality.

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It is one of the easiest types of labor contracts to explain, since it serves to cover the nee for BT Leads personnel when one of the company’s workers suspende their employment contract due to vacations, sick leave, or any other reason. The substitution work contract model assumes the existence of a substitute worker and a worker who is replace. Precisely for this reason, the duration of the contract is valid as long as the worker who is replace does not resume his activities within the company. Employment contract subject to emergency modality It is not one of the most common types of employment contracts , but it is also worth knowing about it.

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