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March 9, 2023

Knowing what the types of labor contracts are is essential for any company, since the type of personnel that can be hire and the expenses that must be covere depend on it. Perhaps when you starte your business it did not cross your mind to think about the types of labor contracts that regulate work, however, they are a very important part of business management and human resources administration. In this article we will indicate what are the types of labor contracts in Peru , and we will tell you what are the characteristics of each one of them.

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When you finish this reading, you will be able to hire the personnel of your company Lithuania Phone Number List contemplating the impact of the worker’s labor benefits. Permanent employment contract To start talking about the types of labor contracts that exist in Peru, we have to mention one of the most common in any type of industry: the indefinite-term labor contract . This employment contract model establishes that the duration of the labor relationship will depend on the employer’s nee to have the workforce to carry out a certain type of economic activity.

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That is, it does not have an end date, and the contract can be terminate when the BT Leads employer no longer requires the services provide by the worker, or when the latter wishes to leave the relationship. Although we speak of an employment contract , the truth is that this is one of the few types of employment contracts to which a person can subscribe verbally. Some may say that it is an employment contract that works freely and without the nee for formalities. Employment contract subject to modality The employment contract subject to modality must be entere into in writing, according to article number 4 of the Labor Productivity and Competitiveness Law. In addition, it must detail the causes that support this type of contract, what is its term, and what conditions apply to the employment relationship.

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