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March 6, 2023

So you can quickly create variations of existing products, change just individual characteristics in a card, or add new products. Copying someone else’s product business card. If you don’t want to fill in the data manually, find products from other sellers and create a duplicate card. Note that you will get a full clone, which means you won’t be able to stand out in search results. Also, this method does not work for the self-employe. via ozone template. To create multiple product cards of the same category, please download and fill out the template, and upload the file to the site.

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Via an online spreadsheet. You will nee the analog template to fill out the form. The Find Your Phone Numbers difference is that work happens online and errors in form fields are highlighte immeiately. via another site’s template. If you are already trading on the market, you can use another platform’s template to transfer the card to. Currently this method is only available in the clothing and shoes category, but the possibilities for ozone will expand. pass. If you’re tracking items, the plugin will help you sync program data with the marketplace. You can then add and eit positions in , and the information in will be update automatically. pass. If you’re web-savvy and want to add a lot of cards at once, set up automatic product loading with your seller.

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When the card is approve, all that is left is to ship the product to the BT Leads warehouse or set up your warehouse and note the remaining stock. Done, you can start selling! How to Promote Products To increase sales, you nee a combination of actions: display products in cards correctly, set reasonable prices, and ensure that orders are delivere to recipients quickly and safely. And the platform’s advertising tools will help attract the attention of the audience and stand out from the background of other sellers. You can achieve success by: Creating a storefront On the storefront, users will see profitable offers from your store’s assortment: new items, best-price products on the market and best-selling items.

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