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March 6, 2023

For most violations, sanctions are temporarily impose for a period of up to one month. So, for being rude to buyers and willfully undermining the authority of other marketplace sellers, you will get points deucte for one month. More serious violations, such as directly threatening buyers or falsifying documents, are punishe indefinitely: penalty points and blocking of the office. Violation Appeal. Any violations can be appeale within 3 working days. The breach notice will clearly state what must be provide to exonerate: photographs, audio or video recordings, screenshots of communications, documents, etc.

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If the seller misses the deadline, the decision will no longer be appealable. It warne Guangdong Mobile Phone Numbers that the composition of violations and fines, as well as the terms of cooperation, may change. Sellers will be notifie of the update rules in their personal account. Where to learn to trade the markets: a series of online courses Understanding the rules and nuances of trading the markets is not easy, especially when you are just starting to get acquainte with such sites. In order to avoid many mistakes and not waste time, money and effort correcting them, we recommend that you get comprehensive training. During the online course, ecommerce experts will help you familiarize yourself with the platform and create a store from scratch, and share their experiences on how to start making money on the marketplace.

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We recommend paying attention to the following programs: Lessons How BT Leads to become a seller In hours of videos and practical work, you will understand all the nuances of trading on the platform and be able to open an online store from scratch. You will learn how to calculate the profitability of a business, choose profitable cooperation proposals, correctly formulate cards and get the first orders. You’ll learn how to use the built-in marketing tools to promote your store, interact effectively with customers and manage documents, and you’ll be able to increase your salesSchool: Skill Box Duration: Months Price Course Fundamentals of Working with MarketingThis program considers the entire Russian and foreign market: from and to and Amazon.

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