The cancellation culture in Russia

March 6, 2023

There is no upper limit for account recharge; Any display area You can set up ad display in a country, region, area or area with a radius of meters; Advertise on multiple websites at the same time Switch between ad accounts. The service offers unlimite opportunities and is suitable for promoting almost any business, but there are some exceptions. Next, we’ll consider which companies can be promote with the help of ads in . Which business is suitable can be calle a universal platform, because users will be able to see advertisements on different sites. The table clearly shows in which areas the promotion via is effective and in which areas it is worth avoiding. Good for companies that don’t sell in areas that don’t fit, ie.

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Consumer-facing businesses: restaurants, clothing and shoe stores, etc. Sales of Information Paraguay Phone Number List Business Webinars, Online Training and Courses Travel Company With visually appealing ads, you can find customers who are ready to buy local excursions, package tours and more. Promote expert psychologists, mentors, coaches, doctors, and more. For the sale of digital products advertising games, mobile applications and useful programs Large industrial enterprises Plants and factories Companies that sell luxury goods World-renowne fashion companies Jewelry, luxury cars, clothing and shoes Companies that sell items that are prohibite from advertising via the Internet.

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Their complete list is poste on the platform The difference between what is BT Leads suitable and what is not suitable is Because the advertisements in the website are designe for ordinary Internet users. The service places ads on websites that everyone reads, making it easier to promote services and products designe for a broad audience. The more specific the product, the harder it is to sell and advertise: For example, it doesn’t make sense for an oil refinery to invest in a promotion because its target audience is top executives of large companies who are definitely looking for partners not through online advertising.

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