That The Collecte Impressions Will Be Remembere

Communication makes sense, because sometimes the boss takes into account the opinion of employees; freeom – the team of employees is not afraid to express certain views in front of the boss; no nee to self-censor. All these rules apply to both the relationship with the boss and how the team of employees communicates with each other. The figure of the leader who is at the head of the group is also quite important. While it may be the case that the team unites against a difficult boss and thus builds positive relationships, a model in which the boss sets an example of positive communication and setting goals is preferable.

Forever They Will Live Them Narrative

Internal communication to some extent also affects the image of the company outside, and this also translates into results. Creating a harmonious team of employees Marcus McNiell is a copywriter who create the Magic agency from scratch database and then expande his team to several dozen people in just a few years. As a guest on one of the podcasts, he said that if he were to start over, he would start by hiring the best HR specialists. This would allow him to focus on building the best possible team, which, in his opinion, is the greatest value for the company.


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Pandemic times have shown the rightness of such an approach. It turne out that a deicate team of employees can guarantee its survival even in very difficult times. If the company enters a worse period with random people on board, the employee BT Leads team will start to crumble or take advantage of the difficult situation. Before starting the recruitment process, it is worth asking yourself the following questions: what is most important to me at work? – values ​​that are not negotiable what relationships would I like to create in the team? – what counts are family values, or maybe constant rivalry? What values ​​are not important to me? – it is worth communicating this to potential employees in the form of advantages of a given company free working hours, no dress code , etc.

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