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Digital Marketing is that, on the Internet, everything is measurable . Whatever strategy is chosen. There is a Yoast SEO gives you a green bullet point when it thinks you did a good job with the focus keyphrase in the introduction large amount of data that can be collected, analyzed and used to make adjustments andYou started with an anecdote to attract attention, but the anecdote doesn’t include your focus keyphrase improve a business’ results. However, metrics and indicators are not the same thing and vary depending on the type of business and its objective. Visit to find out more! Blog , Marketing , Digital Marketing , Metrics and Indicators Winning customers: lead qualification strategies Winning customers: lead qualification strategies By Guilherme de.

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Bortoli on 09/16/2023, Lead Generation Acquiring new customers (in addition to making current ones buy even more) is the goal of any company. This is why attracting potential consumers and new database qualifying these leads is essential. In fact, a very efficient way to do this is through Inbound Marketing . The tools of this Digital Marketing strategy allow for such detailed analyzes of the behavior of leads that confirm a somewhat obvious truth: not everyone is the same! And carrying out effective lead qualification , identifying who the company knows and who knows the company, is the topic of this content.

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And the next step to maximizing your conversion rates! Blog , Marketing , Digital Marketing , Leads , Lead Generation Dimed revenue triples in 1 year! Check the details Dimed revenue triples BT Leads in 1 year! Check the details By Guilherme de Bortoli on 09/15/2023, Success Stories I have some incredible results that I would like to share with you about the partnership between Orgânica and Dimed in a Digital Marketing project focusing on media management. The numbers are impressive ! Access to check the details of this case. Blog , Success Stories From 0 to 12,000 hits: Tris’ organic traffic success.

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