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Google Ads and Meta Ads; And E-mail Marketing campaigns. Access to see what this set of practices yielded in just 5 months ! blog .success stories seo in digital marketing: your company on the 1st page of google .seo in digital marketing: your company on the .1st page of google by guilherme de bortoli on 09/13/2023, seo with 90% of brazilians migrating to digital products. Services, leisure and work, there is less and less space to be found on the internet without an .seo strategy . But here is everything you need to understand the importance of seo within a .digital marketing strategy and achieve the success of your project!Blog , Marketing , Digital Marketing , Search Engine Marketing.

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Publisher mov from selling books to . Promoting literary culture —. Reading as a very important hobby for the . Formation of a healthy personality — it embark on a new mission. Convincing more people to special data read (whether it was the publisher’s books or not ) . ). To reach new leads, Companhia das .Letras stopp talking just about new releases and embrac the entire literary universe , distributing material even on social networks little explor for this type of investment — such as Spotify — in addition to the classics: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Blue Have you seen the Azul airline YouTube channel? Little is said about planes, travel or ticket promotions.

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There, the company talks about the importance of finding someone you love, of dreaming, of living with your head in the clouds and of having the courage to make the impossible possible — a dilut and sincere way of saying: “We know how you feel. Buy with us for you to see.” It was a smart way to increase the emotional meaning of the brand in the hearts of travelers, talking about BT Leads subjects that touch people’s hearts — after all, if it’s not for business, people travel to make dreams come true. Having humaniz contact on social mia and facilitation at airports to rearrange miss flights also contribut to making Azul one of the biggest eagles in the skies.

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