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Therefore, the marketplace will ask you for licensing documents as the case may be: trademark certificate, distribution or license agreement, sales or supply agreement, etc. Read more about it in the rules. Products require quality certificates. Certificates of quality are require for the sale of products on this list such as dietary supplements, light hair removers, sports and baby food. The item is categorize as . To sell certain products, you nee to submit an application and pass legal and compliance checks. This program is available for sellers of baby food, jewelry, pharmaceuticals, rapid tests, genetic tests, and other categories.

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Double-check that your products are prohibite and restricte, and abide Conduit CN by the rules. And we will consider the cooperation model with the Internet platform. Ozone’s work plan There are three schemes for sellers to cooperate with the market: , , and . Consider the essence of each. FBO means market fulfillment. Under planning, you take the product to the shipping point and take care of the rest. The e-commerce platform independently distributes the goods to the final warehouses in different cities, stores them until the order is place, and then packs and delivers them to buyers. The sales are all over the country, but the specific area is determine by the market itself. A virtual commodity distribution system is now introduce.

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Algorithms analyze the demand for products in different parts of the BT Leads country and the number of similar products in warehouses. Base on this information, the system decides which warehouses and how much product to deliver, and provides sellers with options for shipping dates and locations. FBS Seller’s Performance means the Seller’s performance. According to this scheme, you store the products in your warehouse and when a user places an order, you collect, pack and transfer it to the marketplace for delivery. The product is sold throughout Russia, but the territory of sale is determine by the market. You can sell regular products and products with special delivery conditions from your warehouse, including bulky items, tires and batteries.

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