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March 6, 2023

I write about online eucation and future careers Deals are picking up momentum: According to the company’s Q1 2019 report, the number of orders rose year-over-year, and active buyers grew to more than 10,000 people. Due to the high demand and rapid development, the platform attracts more and more entrepreneurs and companies who want to sell their products through the Internet. In this handbook, we’ll break down how to become a merchandise seller on the Internet: what you can sell, how to choose a work plan, and what commissions, sanctions, and pitfalls are there. Let’s analyze the tools of the platform, the rules and features of transactions and understand all the stages of opening an online store.

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Hide article content Who can be a seller What can be sold What can’t be sold Ozone Changsha Mobile Phone Number List Working plan The cost of sellers on the market How to start selling on the Internet6. Violations and penalties for sellers Where to learn market trading: a series of online courses A brief introduction to the main content Who can Become a Seller To become a seller on the marketplace, you nee a status: Individual Entrepreneur, Legal Entity, Self-Employe from year. The answer to the question of whether it is possible for a self-employe person to sell goods online is a definite yes. However, don’t rush to take shortcuts and apply for self-employment. The rules for self-employe salespeople are very different from generally accepte rules.

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First, self-employe persons can only sell goods that they produce BT Leads themselves. Second, you can only trade from your warehouse. Thirdly, self-produce products should not concern: taxable goods under Article 1 of the Tax Code of the Russian Feeration; goods with mandatory labels you can check in the market knowlege base; food product minerals. To sell products from other brands and manufacturers, you must open a legal entity or apply for entrepreneurial status. If you work in a craft, such as sewing toys or making candles, you can work through self-employment.

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