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March 5, 2023

Main vector formats . Raster images are familiar images that are made up of pixels. It can be compared to a mosaic, where the pattern is formed from small colored elements. A magnified raster image is like this mosaic. Pixel squares allow you to create images of intricate detail and accurately reproduce colors and shadows, but bitmap images lose quality when resized. Basic bitmap formats . Conversion is the conversion of an image from one format to another for example, from vector to raster and vice versa.

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Image conversion is necessary if the designer is working in a different graphics Denmark Cell Phone Number List editor. For example, one editor only supports or files, while the image to be edited is a completely different format. In this case, he can do the conversion, that is, convert the image in a special program. On the top is the drawing, on the top is the preview. You can also find other programs on , , , etc. General Terms In this section, we have collected terms that graphic designers come across almost every day. A two-dimensional image is a type of computer graphics in which all images are flat because only two dimensions width and height are used. Logos, advertising banners and most printed collateral are produced in two dimensions. Images are created in three dimensions length, width and height.

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Due to strict adherence to proportions, 3D images are always 3D and look BT Leads realistic. Graphics are used to create computer games, movies, animated videos, and more. Outlines are the outlines or strokes of an image, another name for this term is outlines or lines. They show the shape of an object. Banner Image with advertising content pictures, text and animation. Links are always sewn into the banners and users just need to click on the image to access the advertised site. A type of billboard outdoor advertising, large billboards are located next to busy highways, not far from shopping centers, near airports, train stations, etc.

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