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March 5, 2023

Therefore, first of all, we recommend getting acquainte with the main styles of graphic design, but first we will analyze the concept of style in design. Style is the creation and visual expression of an image using color schemes, decorative elements, fonts, etc. Style sets the framework for a specific set of elements, thereby helping to reflect the philosophy and personality of a design solution. Read more about the graphic design style in the article Graphic Design Trends Fashion Trends of 2010. Abstract Art is a style that rejects a true representation of the surrounding reality. It is characterize by chaotic combinations of lines, geometric shapes, planes and other objects.

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Abstract layouts may seem pointless, but if you look closely, you’ll see that they Czech Republic Phone Number List have a coherent composition and evoke certain emotions. Avant-garde is experimentation with color, form and concept in design layouts. Emphasize unusual combinations of typographic elements, collages, and contrasting details. For example, against a background of avant-garde angular geometric shapes, a delicate flower can be depicte. Mostly, avant-garde ideas are use in the design of posters, posters and websites. Empire style in the era of Napoleon Louis Bonaparte. Distinctive features of the Empire style stateliness, strict symmetry, exotic ornamentation, decorative elements, and bright colors.

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The Empire design style is suitable for designing websites and print products BT Leads of companies that emphasize their high status. Brutalism is a style in which there is nothing overly pompous, bright and pompous. Brutalism in design is characterize by an abundance of black and white elements, a refusal to symmetry, unusual typefaces, and design oversights. Vintage is a soft reference to the past, a nostalgia for days gone by. The retro style is characterize by monochrome colors, artificial aging of images and a specific typeface with smooth lines. Vintage is often chosen as a corporate identity for cafes, local restaurants and small shops. The geometric style is dominate by simple shapes, geometric shapes, abstract lines and bright colors.

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