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Serious adult life It is difficult to pinpoint exactly when adult and serious life begins. Perhaps it hasn’t start yet? In my life, this contractual boundary is mark by the moment when I got my first employment contract. What changes at this stage? In the next – higher – positions, responsibility increases, the number of tasks and deadlines shrink. There may be other things that are not closely relat to the creation of texts – e.g. customer service or reporting activities. Is it possible for a person without any copywriting experience to get a job in such a position? With luck, yes. Often recruitment for the position of a copywriter – apart from a standard conversation with potential candidates.

After years of Polish studies

Also consists of a recruitment task. If you have a knack for writing texts that are correct and imaginative, you can try your hand at it – it’s better to try than to regret not having tri. Copywriter’s work – protips Give the text a bit of a breather. If you have database time for this, it will not always be possible, after writing the text, turn off the itor and leave it for a few hours, and day. After a whole day, the eyes and brain no longer catch absurdities and bizarre typos cream for nothing or marketing guru Philip Kotlet are my favorites from recent months.


They don’t have to be fat volumes

Give yourself and your work some space. Read a lot. about marketing or literary history. Paper magazines, leaflets from the neighborhood bistro, manuals, blogs – in short, everything that comes to your hand or display on Facebook., I know BT Leads one thing for sure – reading hundrs or rather thousands of pages had a very positive impact on my vocabulary and the already mention familiarity with the language. write a lot.

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