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The Unwant Leftovers When I talk about PPC Keyword leftovers, I’m specifically talking about keywords that you want to target on Google but that do not fit neatly into any existing campaigns and/or ad groups that you have set up in your Google Ads account. If you’ve spent any time setting up and organizing a Google Ads account, you know exactly what keywords I’m talking about. Let’s say you own a shoe company, and you want to run an ad campaign for a big Black Friday sale. You might create an ad group for running shoes and fill it with 15-20 keywords. Additionally, you could create an ad group for dress shoes, and in that group, you’d include more keywords.

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Or maybe you want to get super specific and create an ad group for wingtip dress shoes where you would still be able to easily come up with 10-20 keywords., right? Then comes the shoelaces. Do you create an ad group just for shoelaces? If so, come up phone number list with? You only sell a handful of basic laces, so it’s not like you have a bunch of brands you can use as keywords. What do you do? What Should You Pay To Market? Deciding what to do with your 3-5 remaining keywords doesn’t have to be tricky.

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The first question you want to ask yourself is, “do I ne to be using PPC for every single item I sell?” The answer might be a simple “no.” I recommend that people have a well-construct website that follows SEO best practices so people will be able to find BT Leads what they are looking for without ads. If you’ve done this, then you can concentrate your ad, more popular items while normal traffic delivers people to the ancillary items you sell. If the answer is yes, then you have a few things to consider.

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