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February 27, 2023

On the other hand, a dip between the desire and action stages after a customer has identified a product but before they make a purchase could indicate friction in your online checkout process. Again, look for why. Are you asking for too much information? Do you offer your customers the ability to checkout as a “guest”? Does your website’s shopping cart provide an experience that is clean, cohesive, convenient, and consistent with the look and feel of your website? While a good marketing channel won’t tell you the causes of these friction points, it will help you find them and eliminate them.

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The Difference Between BB and BC Marketing Funnels As we saw earlier, no Ghana Phone Number List funnel is created equal. And, when it comes to BB vs. BC marketing channels, the differences are especially stark. BB vs. BC Marketing Channels Let’s move on to breaking down the key differences Audience The main and perhaps most obvious difference between the two is their respective target audiences. The BB marketing channel is concerned with selling products to other businesses, while the BC is directed at the end consumer. Let’s see how this plays out in the funnel.

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Sales Cycle Length Thanks to the wonders of the internet and BT Leads ecommerce, BC sales can be completed in minutes or even seconds. Did your light bulb go out? Just order a spare from Amazon. Do you like pie? Call your local pizzeria. However, BB marketing is a longer, more lengthy process. From awareness and interest to desire and action, the BB sales funnel can last for months or even years. Positioning and Customer Motivation Unlike the BC channel, BB customers don’t buy for themselves, they buy for the business. Inevitably, that means just a few fingers in the proverbial pie and many more stakeholders to manage things. This is of course one of the reasons for those seemingly endless sales cycles. But it also means the goals are slightly different.

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