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February 27, 2023

Finally, this brings us to Bottom of the Funnel Strategy We are now at the business end of the marketing funnel which means it’s show time. Earlier in the funnel, you’ve attracted, engaged, and held the prospect’s hand. Now, it’s time to seal the deal—and turn them into customers. That’s it made easy! We’ve said it before, but the easier you make the customer’s journey, the more likely they are to convert. After all, three out of five prospects fail to take action because simply because it’s easier not to. Nurture your leads. As a midfunnel sales tactic, this might seem like a nobrainer, but the truth is it’s even more important at the bottom of the funnel.

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Poor lead nurturing is one of the most common reasons for conversion 1000 Mobile Phone Number List failures—and a key reason why only of marketing leads turn into sales. Remember, a bottomofthefunnel strategy isn’t just about your customers making a purchase. It’s about getting them to take action for example, doing a free trial or agreeing to a demo. To that end, presenting relevant case studies to potential clients is one of the most convincing ways to get them to do so — and an easy way to close any deal. Pro Tip Running an effective sales funnel can increase BOFU leads by and reduce investment required by.

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Conclusion Remember the funnel is all about understanding a customer’s journey BT Leads through your business’s sales or marketing ecosystem. By studying where they enter the frame and where they leave the frame, you can optimize your content and campaigns. And make sure that with caring, convenient and smart lead nurturing, you convert as many leads as possible. (We say as much as possible because, realistically, you’re never going to convert all your leads. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a marketing funnel. It would be a marketing cylinder! Oh, and one more thing to keep in mind? That said, Similarweb can help when it comes to understanding your business’ marketing channels.

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