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February 25, 2023

In Similarweb Shopper Intelligence, you can also access the Amazon Overview Dashboard. You can gain valuable insights into the most important categories based on product views, sales and revenue. Identifying high-performing categories helps you allocate resources to capitalize on category opportunities and any changes in market size or trends. You can then analyze keywords specific to your Amazon domain. This tells you what people are searching for on Amazon and gives you an idea of ​​organic and paid traffic for your keywords.

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Consumer search behavior differs across domains, so understanding on-site Wuhan Mobile Phone Numbers search is critical to success. With Similarweb, you can analyze keywords and adjust your targeting to maximize product exposure to your target customers. Surprise Amazon Amazon’s competition is fierce, but we can’t expect less from the largest e-commerce marketplace with the strongest shopping intent. Whether you’ve already made it big on Amazon or are just starting out in your industry, investing some effort in improving your Amazon SEO will undoubtedly lead to better organic and paid rankings. Start with these tips and you’ll start seeing your performance trend upwards in no time. Get More Amazon and Ecommerce Insights Stop guessing, start analyzing. Grow your business with Similarweb.

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FAQ What is Amazon SEO? Amazon SEO is all about optimizing what you search for on BT Leads Amazon. People’s search behavior is different on different platforms. For example, Amazon shoppers are typically high-intent shoppers looking to make a purchase. This affects how they search on Amazon. Optimizing your product listings for Amazon search engine means customizing your content to respond to the searches people perform on Amazon. How is Amazon SEO different from Google SEO? Google SEO is much broader than Amazon SEO. People visit Google for a variety of reasons: they might be looking for information, instructions, comparisons, or to make a purchase. On Amazon, people usually have one purpose: to buy. Wanting to buy influences how people search.

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