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February 25, 2023

Chase had the lowest bounce rate of . just over half the industry standard. Website Traffic Sources Knowing which marketing channels bring traffic to your website is an important step in market research. Since there are many ways a user can end up on a website it’s important to understand which channels are most successful in order to focus marketing budget and efforts accordingly. Financial Services Marketing Channels Similar to Web Screenshots Direct . is the leading source of traffic to the world’s top financial services websites followed by organic search . and referrals . with the rest of the traffic split among other marketing channels Email.

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Social Paid Search .and Display . Audience Analysis Next on our list of financial Belarus Phone Number List benchmarking metrics is audience analysis. Defining the target audience for financial services allows us to gain a deeper understanding of the industry. Which region do most people browse? Are browsers predominantly male or female? What age group do most people belong to? These are questions that benchmarking website performance and audience analysis can answer. Global Traffic Shares For the financial industry the top 10 countries account for approximately market share. Total tourist visits to these countries from 2019 to 2010 are approximately . billion visits. Here’s a breakdown of each country’s traffic share and monthly visits from month to month.

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United States . of traffic share 100 million visits per month India  billion Japan BT Leads billion Russia billion France . billion Poland billion Germany billion Canada billion UK  billion Brazil  billion The United States still tops the list accounting for almost a quarter of total global traffic. Age and Gender Distribution Other audience demographics to track include age and gender. Men are more likely than women to visit financial websites. The age distribution of the industry is relatively balanced with of the audience aged between – and of the audience aged over. Similar webpage screenshots of financial services industry age and gender demographics.

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