Most employers don’t care about SEO certifications

We asked 15 SEO hiring managers for the skills and requirements that they deem important when hiring an SEO specialist. In all, 86% said that SEO certifications aren’t important, with the rest saying that they’re only somewhat important. 86% of hiring managers say that SEO certifications aren’t important when hiring an SEO specialist Not one hiring manager said they were very important. So if you want an SEO certification to add to your resume and LinkedIn to attract job offers, I have bad news.

SEO certifications don’t guarantee a good SEO education

Getting an SEO certificate doesn’t necessarily mean that you learned anything useful. It just means that you learned something. So don’t let the allure of a certificate cloud your judgment when learning SEO. If the syllabus doesn’t look helpful, don’t bother. 3. SEO certifications only teach you theory, not practical skills category email list Knowing the theory only gets you so far. If you want to become an SEO expert, our advice is to start a website as soon as possible after learning the basics of SEO. Getting your hands dirty and trying to rank a website will teach you more than an SEO certification.

4. SEO certifications take a lot of time

That’s not a negligible amount of time. You could spend that time building and ranking a website. And it’s probably a better use of your time if you already know the basics of SEO. 5. SEO certifications often have bad questions Look at this question BT Leads from an SEO exam: A question from an SEO certification Google actually recommends you use hyphens rather than underscores in URLs. So it’s not a true or false question. Here’s another question, this time from Google’s SEO Fundamentals certification: A question from Google’s SEO Fundamentals certification You can see we got the answer wrong. If we must guess, 

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