5 Best SEO Certifications in 2023

Since university degrees in SEO are rare, 5 Best SEOcertifications are a popular way to prove your knowledge or5 Best SEO expertise in SEO. However, the problem is that such certifications can be provided by anyone. So if you want to take an SEO certification, you want to make sure 5 Best SEOyou’re completing those where: The course material is comprehensive, accurate, and actually teaches you the basics of SEO. They’re well regarded in the industry.

Best SEO certifications5 Best SEO

This is our own certification course that teaches how . Ahrefs’ tools and data work. It’s split into modules representing each of our tools. The modules breakdown in the course. While the course is well regarded and prestigious, it comes at a huge time cost of 29 hours. You could build and potentially. Rank a website in that amount of time. It might be better to consider the other certifications on this list. 5 Best SEOMany industry email list 5 Best SEOSEOs used to mistakenly claim that they were . Google certified” after.  Eompleting this course. This was likely because5 Best SEO Google used to recommend it, even as late as July 2023:

5 Best SEOGoogle SEO Fundamentals by5 Best SEO UC Davis

Created by the University of California, Davis, and powered by . Coursera, this course teaches the fundamentals of SEO. There are four modules in this course BT Leads and four assessments to complete. Once you’ve passed, you can earn a career certificate that you can add to your LinkedIn profile,5 . Best SEO resume, or CV. For example, here’s one given to my colleague5 Best . SEOThere are also five quizzes to complete, after which you can gain a certificate. For example, my colleagu. Joshua, took this certification and obtained this certificat. 

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