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For example, there may be a tendency to use natural materials. This means adding objects made of wood, clay, stone, etc. to the interior. Some design trends exist for several years, but there are also trends that only exist for one season. You can read more in our Interior Design Trends article. For more marketing terms, check out our marketing dictionary, Interior Design Styles. Interior Design Develope From Styles The choice starts with the client’s nees, without which it is impossible to create a design project. Therefore, we propose to deal with the definition of style in interior design and then consider the most popular and current styles.

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Avant-garde A style that emerge in the last century, innovation is its main Ireland Phone Number List feature. Unusual shapes of deforme sofas, bright colors of textiles, upholstery and upholstery materials, mirrore ceilings and glass tables characterize the avant-garde trend. empire Large-scale, luxurious and solemn French emperor style. Also, the style is associate with wartime, so it has a lot of theme accents decorations in the form of swords, torches, arrows, etc. For the Empire style, furniture made of rare woods, expensive textiles brocades and silks were chosen.Gilding on individual furniture and ornaments was also popular.

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English is an elegant style with the inherent bluntness of English. All BT Leads objects and finishing materials are of course high-quality and expensive precious woods, genuine leather, dense textiles with checkere, stripe or floral motifs. Obligatory fireplace and library with books neatly arrange. It’s an industrial style from the turn of the century. It is characterize by geometric patterns combine with floral and animal prints, rigorous lines, perfect symmetry, and dark colors such as black, white, and gold. A distinguishing feature of Art Deco is steppe lighting, as light bounces off chrome ornaments, lacquere wood furniture, and lamps turne in different directions.

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