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March 4, 2023

Constructivism is a style of the Soviet era that boils down to simple ornamentation and a rejection of elegant forms. Welcoming with large windows opening to the floor and minimal furniture with only the most essential items. Loft in the style of factory workers of the early twentieth century. Minimal furniture, no partitions, large windows, simple finishing materials such as concrete, metal, wood and brick characterize the loft. The furniture is different from vintage to the simplest, the main thing is to give the impression that all the interior objects appeared in the room by accident and therefore do not coordinate with each other but together create a stylish and spectacular Picture practical interior.

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Minimalism is a style in which every detail is functional and performs a Ghana Phone Number List specific function. There is no place for unnecessary decoration and furniture, but there is a lot of free space and light in every room. Features of minimalism monochrome, strict geometry, natural materials, diffuse lighting and hidden storage systems. Art Nouveau was a rebellious and somewhat innovative style based on departures from luxurious palace interiors. Art Nouveau is characterized by a complete rejection of symmetry, the emergence of floral decoration and flowing lines in the design of walls.

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Generally speaking

Ceilings and floors, as well as an abundance of wooden objects, forged fittings, stained glass BT Leads windows and unusual souvenirs. The color scheme is close to natural and nude beige, brown and golden shades dominate in a contemporary style. Neoclassicism interprets the chic and splendor of the palace in a modern way. The walls are bare and often austere, the ceilings are stucco and the floors are parquet. The furniture is a bit vintage with elegant legs and expensive upholstery. Provence is cozy French country style based on muted colours, slightly faded table and cabinet surfaces, a fireplace or stove and plenty of houseplants. There are many textiles in the interior napkins, curtains, pillows, blankets, tablecloths, etc.

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