How to Succeed in Affiliate Marketing

March 6, 2023

What keywords drive traffic in the ecommerce industry, other than the big, popular brand names, and who gets the most traffic from those? The outcome was interesting, but not in the way you might expect. When people aren’t searching brand websites they are searching branded products. We learn that most of the traffic to Amazon comes from people looking for Amazon’s branded products or other brand products. Why do you need to find industry-specific keywords? . Keyword relevance We all know researching keywords is critical to find popular search terms that will drive traffic to your website. But what if most of the traffic volume for your favorite keyword goes to companies in a different sector.

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That’s not an off-the-wall thought. If you run a health food store and have a special offer Honduras Phone Number List for organic apples, the keyword ‘apple’ seems obvious, but most searchers using it aren’t interested in nutrition. The traffic volume for a targeted keyword may be impressive, but you can’t be sure that the traffic is related to what you offer or even the industry sector you’re in. It could be someone else’s brand name and that’s just one possibility . Alt-Text: Apple – not the brand.

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Keyword specificity You may miss valuable keywords that are specific to your industry BT Leads but the search volume isn’t large enough to show up in your research when your tool measures the entire web traffic.’Airplanes for sale’ is insignificant as a keyword unless you are in the aviation industry, and ‘fishboatgear’ only has potential when you are in the boating industry you can check for yourself. . But we aren’t only talking about professional jargon. You could pass over terms that audiences in your industry use more than in other industries. Each audience has its preferences and by analyzing keywords by industry you can discover what they are.

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