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The general trend in such measures is to mention the brand name of the sponsor, such as “ promoted by [ brand ]”, “ sponsored by [ brand ] or ” by “ brand [ presentation]18] Because the disclosure language ( chosen by the publisher is the wording ) used to identify native advertising, these may vary greatly. In view of the popularity of social media and blogs, the Federal Trade Commission specially issued the 《 endorsement guide 》 to raise consumers’ awareness of the endorsements and recommendations in advertising.

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[20] The American Magazine Editors Association  new data   issued an updated guide reiterating that publishers need to distinguish between editorial content and advertising content. The ASME method recommends the use of two labels to disclose commercial sponsorship and visual evidence in content to help users distinguish between primary and editorial advertisements. A study published by researchers at the University of California found that even labeled primary advertisements would deceive about A quarter of the survey subjects

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Advertising unit: As the name suggests, it is the unit located in Feed, the normal content of the website, which means that they seem to be written by the publisher team or in cooperation with the publisher team to match the surrounding stories. In-Feed is a category that has become popular because of its effectiveness by waiting for sponsored  BT Leads  articles from websites. It has also been the source of native marketing disputes, because the difference between primary marketing and content marketing is usually advocated here.

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