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February 27, 2023

A child in place of a kitten could make us feel real tension or pain while watching. Interestingly, GoPro chose to target a large general audience. Unlike RedBull, which chose to narrow its audience to a specific type of adventurer, the camera company is targeting the general public, not just the typical GoPro user. . BMW Hire This marketing video example is a real short film, purely for the entertainment of the audience. BMW has produced a series of tenminute action films featuring cars. The reason for a driver’s reckless behavior always turns out to be a good one, like saving a life or even an entire country.

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What made this story? These movies have all the elements of a fullscale Ukraine Phone Number List action thriller. There are heroes, conflict, tension, stoppages, shootings and dramatic car chases. The revelation that everything is for a righteous purpose comes as a surprise. It’s this plot twist that turns the content into a compelling story. Social engagement and awareness . CocaCola Last Customer Addressing social issues is becoming increasingly important to brands. We live in an age of heightened awareness, where consumers shop with conscience. People are more willing to buy brands that support equality, care about their employees, support good causes and protect the environment. Why does it work? CocaCola demonstrates high levels of social engagement on an individual level. The protagonists of the videos are typical losers, and you feel them right away.

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You admire their hard work and sacrifice, and recognize the company’s USA CEO thoughtfulness.  Always – Like a Girl Brands with a femalefocused audience are realizing the potential of female empowerment. More and more companies are moving beyond glorifying female beauty to focus on other, more authentic aspects of women. Why did this video have such a big impact? Always challenging how society sees women and how they see themselves. It dispels outdated teenage stereotypes in modern culture. Young women see their struggles reflected and acknowledged in this video. Other brands and advertisers cannot remain indifferent to this provocation.

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