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February 27, 2023

Video creators understand the need to demonstrate the value of “trust” before presenting the value of their solution in order to convince their target audience. Trust has both interpersonal and business value. . VeriSign The Shopping Cart Whisperer VeriSign takes a completely different route in this BB marketing video. Responsible marketers decide to use storytelling and humor to raise awareness about their solutions. Why does it work? Although the video is aimed at a BB audience, it looks like it was made for individuals.

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The reason may be that eCommerce companies are different from SaaS or Ukraine Phone Number List enterprise customers, and at the time of the video release, these sites were very small and privately owned. At the time, cart abandonment wasn’t much of a challenge. VeriSign was a pioneer in raising awareness of this issue, and they did it by making their audience smile. This is one of those clips you watch to the end just to see how it ends. Brand story video example . RedBull – Best POV Videos of Best brands have a story to tell, and video is a great medium to tell it. Red Bull’s story is extreme sports. Why does it work? The brand identified a common trait among their customers they love excitement. Red Bull video shows pure excitement nothing more.

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Another secret behind RedBull’s successful video marketing strategy is the ability for BT Leads fans to submit their own extreme sports videos. Usergenerated content is a great way to build customer loyalty. GoPro – Another classic example of a fireman saving a kitten video marketing example is this GoPro film. Why do people like it? Empathy and the basic human instinct to protect the weak and helpless is largely emphasized in this video masterpiece. There are many kinds of heroes, and not everyone admires the same traits. However, we all love people who risk their lives to save others. The creators of the GoPro video chose to have firefighters save a cute and helpless kitten. This elevates heroism while keeping the audience in their comfort zone.

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