Communicate the path to promotion

The purpose of a comprehensive style guide is to ensure. Communicate the consistency across all content. It also gives writers something to refer to if they have questions.” – Kyra Kuik , Planday The purpose of a comprehensive style guide is to ensure consistency across all content, says KyraKuik. Click to Tweet There’s nothing worse than a disjointed voice tone that varies from platform to platform. A style guide is essential when expanding your content team and bringing in new writers. With a documented tone of voice, vocabulary list, and communication style.

Teach Communicate the using osmosis

Talk one-on-one with your team members and make category email list sure. They know your values, says garyvee. Click to Tweet While it’s helpful to have a style guide and documented work processes, it’s also important for new hires to learn through real-time communication. Gary is not a fan of working from home and likes to instill his employees in his culture. Through face-to-face interactions. However, even if your content team is made up of freelancers scattered around the world. Video conferencing allows for regular face-to-face communication. You get to know someone much better when you can hear their voice and see their face.

Create a style guide

Often when you create a culture of documentation, Bt Leads  promotion. Happens internally. As processes are created and the company grows, employees displace themselves and climb higher up the ladder.” – Ryan Deiss, Digital Marketer If you create a culture of documentation, employee promotions will happen internally, says ryandeiss. Click to Tweet Without solid documentation, trying to scale your content marketing can be confusing. Experienced content team members are the best people to document your work processes. Once they are promoted to a senior position, they can help clarify documentation and answer questions when new members join the team.

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