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February 25, 2023

YouTube Shorts has 100 million views per day. By the way, of YouTube users are also on other social media platforms. Do you see how these accompany the different stages of the buyer’s journey? Based on the goals you set for your video, you’ll choose a character. Within each category, you have multiple video types, and they often overlap: Online Video Marketing Examples There are plenty of great examples of video marketing out there. But for this one, we decided to blow our horn a little.

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Well, also because we know how we strategize, and these eight steps work for us. We’ll Saudi Arabia Phone Numbers List show you an example of our latest video campaign and how we market it. We analyzed the competition and audience using our digital marketing research intelligence – step and step – and realized it was time to show our audience a good time. As a target audience, we identified potential customers who had already been approached by Similarweb. Competition is fierce, and at this point the challenge is to prove our uniqueness. ; Similarweb Winning Moments Event From there, we derived our main objective, which was to demonstrate Similarweb’s ability to deliver competitive digital intelligence based on reliable and accurate data, which was translated into actionable insights. In other words, heighten awareness of our unique value proposition.

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This will increase branded searches and increase traffic. In Step 1, we decided that this BT Leads campaign would take precedence over the others and should be supported through multiple marketing channels. Our focus is on You Tube, Organic Social, Paid Social and Media Buying. We create a schedule for the release and distribution of videos. In addition to the official channel, we encourage everyone at Similarweb to share videos on their profiles. Note that we’ve reached step 1. Now for the fun and creative part. Winning the competition is our story The story revolves around winning the competition, so we use the sports analogy. Our heroes are athletes who compete in various digital competitions.

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