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Step 4 – Set Goals Now that you understand the market landscape and your audience, you can set goals for what you want your video to achieve. Remember, the first rule of thumb for setting marketing goals is to go hand in hand with your business goals. Video marketing can help you achieve your existing goals faster, improve your goals and expand your reach. Video marketing allows you to set more ambitious goals. Actually, let’s put it another way: video marketing makes you more ambitious. If you’re doing video marketing just so you don’t fall behind, you’re already falling behind. Video marketing strategies are constantly evolving and new technologies are emerging every day.

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Video quality is getting higher and higher, and creating them is getting easier. To keep up with New Zealand Phone Numbers List Jones, think big and imagine the next big thing in video marketing. Standards and benchmarks are rising, and you need to take that into account. STEP 1 – SETTING PRIORITIES On the other hand, be realistic. You need a budget, adequate staff and technical infrastructure to achieve your ambitious goals. Based on your competitor analysis and audience research, you can decide where your video content will have the greatest impact and demand. If your primary goals are awareness and attention, focus on specific types of videos for specific audiences at different stages of the buyer journey.

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For example, you can post short, funny clips on social media to engage your target BT Leads audience and direct them to other types of content. Step Five – Set Timelines After prioritizing your goals, determine how much time you will need to achieve each goal. Set them up on the timeline to gradually build up your video image. You can use video first to enhance and distribute other content. You probably only want to start with one or two channels and one type of video. Another way is to create a video funnel that aligns with your marketing funnel. This means creating a series of interrelated videos and walking the client through the stages. Each video should have a recurring theme to show that they are related.

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