Promote interaction between users

Promote interaction The header image is a clear way to capture the attention of those interest in learning more about personaliz marketing. But this is just the beginning. Users interest in the topic will continue reading the image captures attention and impresses the user with the desire to obtain that guide. Second thing use a clear and convincing tone in your company description. This is the part where companies have the most difficulty. The description should not be a sterile explanation of how much the company has grown this does not lead to good lead generation. The most important part of your company description is the first two lines, because that’s all LinkIn shows.

To read the rest of the description

The user must click on ” See more “, so you must capture the user’s interest with no more than a couple of sentences. The winning company descriptions do not contain information on how many offices have been open around the world they focus instead on Identify recipients clearly web designs and development service Describe the value proposition offer Provide a service. If this information is clear and display in the correct way, it is very likely that users will become interest in the company and decide to visit the website. Finally, make the updates section conversion-focus.

Way is to post updates

Another method to bring traffic to your site from LinkIn is to regularly publish posts and updates in this way you will have an active and engaging fe and, if the quality of the content is high, your authority will also grow. The best way to get results this aim at your target audience. You can post links to blog articles, images, infographics and share other information such as BT Leads presentations, but keep this in mind the goal should always be to get clicks to your website. New call-to-action . Create a showcase page LinkIn has creat special pages call showcase pages aim at promoting individual brands or individual initiatives which in some way are extensions of the company.

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