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Push the visitor From here, you can identify the most interesting ads and highlight any content gaps. In this way it is possible to review campaigns, correct them and improve performance in a virtuous process. It is this level of analytical detail that, if fully exploit, makes LinkIn Advertising activities so powerful. LINKIN ADVERTISING best practices and pro tips for successful campaigns As important as it is to know the technical aspects of advertising on LinkIn, all the information I have shar with you is practically useless if you don’t know how to leverage it to build successful campaigns.

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This, dear reader, is why I’m sharing some time-test LinkIn Advertising best practices. . Create and integrate campaigns seamlessly into your customer journey map Once you understand how to do LinkIn Advertising, you may be tempt to try all the types of campaigns the platform has to offer. But this is a beginner’s mistake in reality each seo expater bangladesh ltd type of LinkIn ad is appropriate for a specific phase of the customer journey. Take Sponsor InMail for example, the type of ad that lets you contact LinkIn prospects directly through their personal inboxes. The best way is to turn your business page into a lead generation page.

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This is a turnaround from the typical company page, which displays basic information and facts about the company.  You should think of your LinkIn company page as a pipeline that leads users to visit your website. What you can do is structure your company page in a BT Leads way that leads to a conversion action. The conversion action is a click to your website, company description or recent updates. First, use an image that grabs attention or creates interest. The header image is the first way to attract a user’s interest. That’s what Hubspot does with their header image, in which they advertise one of their many guides.

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