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March 9, 2023

Do you want to run a contest on Instagram to increase the number of your followers? Would you like to promote a certain type of product or service? Do you hope to increase the level of your sales through social networks after finishing the Instagram contest? Answering these questions will help you not only know what your goals are, but also understand how you can achieve them. Try to be very specific with your answers, as the idea is that you have a way of measuring how well your Instagram contest did.

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Keep in mind that you can have several goals for your Instagram contest, and that Philippines Phone Number List you should not be satisfie with just adding followers, you can also and should aim to generate engagement with your community. Choose a raffle type To run a contest on Instagram and achieve your goals, you must choose very well what type of contest or raffle it is going to be. Maybe you thought that all contests were the same, but the truth is that you have different types of draws to choose from, and you can establish different participation mechanics. To help you differentiate each type of Instagram giveaway and give you a better idea of ​​what you can achieve with each of them, we leave you a complete list with all the details: Followers Contest.

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This type of Instagram giveaway is the most common, and with it what you should do is BT Leads  ask people to follow you. That is, to participate, people must start following your account and, sometimes, with influencer marketing , follow other accounts. Likes and comments contest: in this type of Instagram contest you not only have to follow an account, but likes and comments within a post are very important. It is common to ask people to tag their friends. Photo Challenge: This type of Instagram giveaway is not that popular, because it involves more work for the public. The idea is that people publish or upload to their stories a certain type of photo mentioning the brand.

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