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You have to show people that the winner is chosen transparently. You can use some free sweepstakes pages to pick the winner, just google for the best contest app . But if you want to save some time, you can choose one of our recommendations. social meia contest Source: Pexels AppSweepstakes The best page or application to do a free Instagram giveaway is AppSorteos . In fact, this page is one of the most use within Instagram for any type of contest. You can do it from your computer browser or from your mobile phone, you just have to copy the link of the publication, paste it into the AppSorteos application, and wait until the winner of the contest appears.

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Shipping companies in Peru: choose the option that will lead your business to success! We Qatar Phone Number List invite you to read this post logistics service worker ADMINISTRATION AND FINANCE Remember that to choose the winner of a giveaway on Instagram you must have previously define the conditions that the person must meet, and set those parameters within the application to filter the participants. Wask If you didn’t like the AppSorteos option, don’t worry, there are countless applications to do a giveaway on Instagram. One of the alternatives that we recommend is Wask. This page has a very easy-to-use interface, and is use to carry out the draw in a very fast and transparent way.

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To start making your Instagram giveaway with Wask, you have to copy and paste the BT Leads  link of your publication, set the conditions (number of mentions and number of winners), and let the application select the winner. Posting a giveaway on Instagram Source: Pexels comment picker This is another one of those Instagram giveaway apps that everyone knows about. The advantage of Comment Picker is that you have more options to filter the selection and choose the winner of a contest on Instagram.

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