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March 6, 2023

Sometimes platforms charge additional fees for emergency withdrawals; Requirements for sellers Some sites do not work with individuals and sole traders, only LLCs and individual entrepreneurs; Logistics and warehousing Most sites store goods in their own warehouses , and transport them independently to the shipping point. But sometimes the marketplace imposes additional conditions, for example, the distance of the seller from the fulfillment center.

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Among the hot markets we’ve noticed: Has been working since 2009. One of Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List the largest marketplaces in the country with a catalog containing a wide range of products from different categories; operating since . In 2018, the company topped the trust rating: of Russian respondents trust it; in operation since 2019. Initially, the site was an aggregator: sellers placed items on the platform, and buyers went to the store’s website to order. From the spring of 2019, you can buy directly from several stores in the marketplace; AliExpress is a Chinese marketplace where Russian sellers can also place orders from 2019. The table briefly describes the functionality of each site. Market Committee Payment Terms Requirements to Seller Logistics Warehousing Wild Berries Commodity Value Seller Check Sales Report Days, Sole Proprietorship, Self-employed with multiple warehouses in Russia, CIS and Germany.

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From the warehouse to the point of dispatch ozone commodity value. Commissions are BT Leads charged only for executed orders monthly, sole proprietorship, self-employed warehouse market in all regions of Russia daily, once a week monthly limited liability company and intellectual property storage and delivery depends on the terms of the contract worldwide AliExpress commodity value. For the first sale or months from the date of registration, the commission is when the buyer confirms receipt of the package, self-employed, self-employed. You can open a legal entity store without a pick-up point. Can ship from the seller’s warehouse How to start selling on the marketplace To work with our country’s main marketplace.

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