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February 27, 2023

Another advantage is that you don’t have to be a professional confectioner in order to make money. You can learn basic skills and cook at home for friends and acquaintances, gather feedback and boost your personal brand, then try to find your first clients. You can accept multiple orders per week and earn extra income. So, the candy is perfect for students, mothers on maternity leave, retirees, or anyone who loves to bake and is ready to devote time after major work. We asked a culinary expert with ten years of experience and the owner of a jam-making and selling business to talk about his development in this area.

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Ekaterina Diva Ekaterina Diva Commodity Specialist, Technologist and C Level Contact List Business Owner who Makes and Sells Jams Starting your own jam making and selling business was never a dream of mine to begin with. In fact, it all started when I started traveling. Savoring unusual pairings, such as watermelon and brie in Yerevan or jam and aged cheese in Paris, has played a key role in my business. I realized I love good food and want to share it with others. After sorting out what it could be, I came up with the idea of ​​blank space. I started experimenting with flavors, researching combinations and cooking techniques.

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Therefore, the series created are recipes inspired by travel, food and culture of BT Leads different countries. If you give up after every failure, in my case the next time the product breaks, then you are less likely to succeed. So, to everyone who dreams of owning their own business, I won’t tire of repeating a sentence to remember or find something that inspires you. Analyze if there is a need and take action. Get feedback, fix and act again. Here’s the secret to success Daily tips from digital mentors right in your Telegram! SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL SUBSCRIBE TO THE BEST COURSES OF THE CONFECTOR The fastest.

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