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March 4, 2023

The service requires no special skills and is convenient even for beginners in landscape design. The program has a planner for making plans and a photo eitor for visualizing design objects. You can select plants according to individual parameters, create landscape projects bas e on photos and given site sizes, eit reliefs and images, paths, etc. in landscape design for entire projects and individual objects (such as reservoirs, flower b es, sculptures, benches) in style Project development begins with the selection of a landscape design style. This was necessary to determine a single concept for the design of all objects, to select materials correctly and to make the site harmonious and comfortable.

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We offer several general styles consider e suitable for furnishing urban and Singapore Phone Number List private areas. The style of an old English park, with century-old trees, overgrown shrubs and abandon e flower b es. The plants in English parks are mesmerizing and the buildings look solid and solid wooden benches, marble sculptures and metal fencing are often install e here. Dutch This style collects the best ideas of famous European gardens original alpine slides, intricate reservoirs, stone-pav e paths, neat emerald green lawns and architectural objects in the form of mills, wells, benches, etc. Country On the surface, this style resembles a bright mid-century front garden. It features colorful flower b es, wooden buildings, manicur e shrubs, lush gardens with fruit trees and green lawns for children to play.

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The must-have elements are a simple, seemingly hastily craft e BT Leads wooden gazebo and a barbecue area. Chinese style is a harmonious and restrain e style, the proportion of water and land. As well as free and occupi e space, are perfectly observ e. The main idea of ​​Chinoiserie gardens are. The epitome of the real world, and everything is subject to the laws of nature. Man-made objects are thus complement e by natural ones paths are pav e with natural stone. Benches are wooden and are barely visible among bushes and trees. There must be a central point, which is usually locat e on a hill.

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